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In 2007, when Timothy “Timmy” Henry was told that his wife would have difficulty conceiving kids, he made up his mind that if given the opportunity to raise a family, he would give them the very best. Timmy decided that this concept should start with their diet. As a result, Henry Organics was born. Henry Organics, the maker of Timmy’s Tasty Organic products, is an organic food and beverage corporation, whose focus is to provide healthier alternatives to family-favorite recipes, without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Every product produced uses 100% organic ingredients, many of which are sourced from local farmers. As Timmy always says, “There’s nothing like consuming something that is ORGANIC, yet still has that OLD-FASHIONED TASTE!” The signature beverage, Timmy’s Tasty Organic Lemonade, not only uses lemons to make lemonade, but also uses “LEMONS TO PROVIDE AID” to people in surrounding communities and around the world, through the ProSeed Foundation and The Bridge. Both organizations, are near and dear to the hearts of the founders of Henry Organics.

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