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ProSeed is a Christian non-profit organization based in Hahnville, Louisiana with a mission to build and renovate schools in developing countries, promote S.T.E.M Education and Careers by hosting S.T.E.M events in the USA, and reward academic excellence through scholarships to students worldwide. We have a God-ordained mandate to impact the world! Our vision is to empower and shape the leaders of the next generation to reach their full potential


In 2013, while traveling to Africa we saw a great need in the community and school system. We not only wanted to give back, but also wanted to change the environment in which the village children are learning and make it conducive for academic success. Ghislain recalled his childhood days as a student in West Africa and his vision to be successful and travel to the U.S.A. He did just that, with a vision, hope, and faith in God that all things are possible to those who believe! Through ProSeed’s mission, we strive to make this a vision and reality to many others. The vision took flight while watching the movie “The Martian”. The main character makes the decision to create an environment for seed growth while stranded in space, hoping that someone would eventually find him. This is where the name “ProSeed” was birthed. We can go back and create an environment for learning by sowing a seed to encourage achievement and success. With the help of God and our partners we are motivated to changing lives and impact the next generation!

ProSeed is financially supported by contributions from friends and partners of the ministry.

We are committed to giving hope through education by Building Schools in remote Villages in West Africa, awarding academic excellence, and promoting S.T.E.M. Education. We seek to promote excellence in education as part of a greater commitment to personal growth.

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